Lao Youth Visual Contest Winners
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Winner of the Lao Youth Visual Contest 2021
Mr. Jedsadaphone Luanglath
The earth would the earth say…

The story is about Earth could speak back to humans. The story is giving an insight into what would Earth say to us if Earth could speak up. For an instance; a student buying a paper clip and asking for a plastic bag and Earth gives facts about how the earth was being treated by humans year by year. Human has cut down 7 trillion trees, and create 5 trillion of waste last year. Though, Earth wasn’t being appreciated and was tormented by the youngster. In end, the story is about using a cotton bag rather than a single-use plastic bag to lessen the global warming effect.

1st Runner-up of the Lao Youth Visual Contest 2021
Mr.Thavisouk Xoumphonephakdy

The story of a plastic bag life, which is narrated by the plastic bag itself; it tells how he could find a friend (or other plastic wastes) everywhere he travels too. Even when the plastic is being burnt, it would only creates pollution and not good for health. The increasing waste production each year make it convenient for him to find friends. The storytelling is raising awareness for increasing plastic waste, and hence, it’s environmentally friendly if everyone uses cotton bag instead of plastic bag.

Ms. Kingkanda SOULIYA
Your choice, Your benefit

Anime/motion graphics – The story evolves around students working together to meet deadlines from the professor. The crunch time causes the students to order delivery food, which needs to travel to them. The food usually never on time. Plus food containers are plastics. The students never get to eat on time, the tiredness from the overload classwork which make the students become careless with their rubbish. They collected them in bags and through anywhere that is convenient which causes a problem for people that need to keep it clean. Hence, the video recommends for everyone to bring their own food, decrease single-use plastic, students get to eat on time, reduce carbon dioxide from no more deliveries, and most importantly, save money.